A Sandwich to Cure Your Hangover


A very good friend of ours recently threw up in his own elevator. He is not proud, and we were not thrilled either, but we still felt bad about his hangover, and invented a sandwich for him the next day. As a little Friday evening public service, we’re passing this on to you, in the event that you require a hangover cure this weekend.

2 slices soft multi-grain bread
chunky peanut butter
1/2 a ripe banana, sliced semi-thin
course sea salt
light brown sugar
cayenne pepper

You can probably see where this is going. It’s a twist on a classic, and it works on ailments other than hangovers, including: You have the Sunday Blues, you are stoned, you are broke, you are bored, and more.

By the way: you should put peanut butter on both sides to keep the sandwich from falling apart, the butter is for browning the sandwich in a pan briefly over high heat, don’t skimp on the cayenne, and don’t puke in the elevator, for Christ’s sake.