Recipe Tester: Bocuse in Your Kitchen


Bocuse in my kitchen!

Paul Bocuse’s book of simple French home-cooking, Bocuse in Your Kitchen, was first published 25 years ago, and the new edition comes out on April 24th. In this book, Bocuse’s mission statement is to educate home-cooks, even the most inexperienced, and get us to slow down and eat a balanced meal. I love this message, of course, and I love that a fancy French chef can admit that simple, unfussy roasts and soups are the best meals.

I tested the Pot-Roasted Chicken, a whole chicken, partially wrapped in bacon, cooked on the stove-top in a heavy pot with its liver and giblets, new potatoes and baby onions. The verdict: A recipe written so minimally might really be that simple, or it might gloss over the details. My chicken was tasty, and the potatoes were to die for, having cooked almost confit-style in butter and bacon fat, but the bird didn’t look as good as it tasted. Bocuse’s photograph shows crisp, mahogany skin, but mine ended up a tad steamy.

Perhaps this book, with its gorgeous photos and over 200 recipes, is best for a home-cook with some experience, and enough confidence to fill in the blanks. I’ll surely cook from it again.

Bocuse in Your Kitchen, $29.95