Latrinalia Trend: Toilet-Tagging Obama’s Name


Yes, grassroots campaigning for the 2008 Presidential election is only going to snowball for the next year and a half. So while it isn’t so weird to be finding various Obama-related tags around New York, it really is weird is that we’ve ONLY SEEN HIS NAME WRITTEN IN THE BATHROOM. Our dirty mind has plenty of theories about why people (women in the above case) would be meditating on Obama behind closed barroom doors. But aside from the salacious explanations, we think this is (awesomely) crazy so early in the game. If his name was something pervy like “Bush,” perhaps we’d et how this happened so quickly. But last time we checked, Obama wasn’t slang for anything—oh wait. Guess it is: pot and various means of scoring. Yeesh. Anyone know if New York ladies were toilet-tagging “Clinton” in April 1995? And what people did back then without the Urban Dictionary?