New York

It’s a Good One: Morta by Torta?


Wow, punny. We almost went with “A Tort-ta Remember.” Ahem.

Moving on, Taco Mix, in Sunset Park, is a sidewalk-dwelling shack that features a bubbling cauldron filled with “specialty meats” like stomach and ears, which have been braising in a fatty stock. For this torta ($6.50), a tender slab of beef suadero was plucked from the stew and hacked into what looked like a pile of pulled pork. On the crusty bun, the beef met avocado, mayo, refried beans, tomato, melty white cheese, pickled jalapenos, and a little hot sauce. The result was, as our friend put it “life changing.” A marriage of textures and flavors that must be experienced first-hand. Get thee to Sunset Park. Stat!

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