Yacht Club Secrets Revealed


From what we can gather, the Gowanus Yacht Club might open next weekend, depending on the weather. In order to ready ourselves for the season, we had a revealing chat with a former employee, who shared some details we kind of wish s/he hadn’t. Like the fact of a grate on the floor of the storage area (right by the meat fridge) where “in an emergency, if it was really crowded, a male employee would pee.” But we know there’s been a renovation effort during the off-season, and we’re going to assume these practices are of the past.

Just in case you’re not so trusting, some other advice from our informant: “I would say don’t have any onions on your hot-dog.” The bathroom has been upgraded, we hear, but it’s still just the one, so our tipster also shared that the Eckerd across the street has a bathroom.

Other changes, according to our source: the outdoor keg party will be an entirely smoke-free affair from now on, and salad has been added to the menu. And finally, the “Duff” beer, which will be undergoing a price hike this year, is not, as has been rumored and reported, Budweiser, but actually Busch Light.

The Gowanus Yacht Club
323 Smith Street
(718) 246-1321