Hot Damn! Judith Supine’s Bearded Bikini Lady and Crazy-Man Woodcut


Whoa. Such a good weekend for street-work hunting, our own personal version of exercise. We saw so much stuff wandering around that it was tough to figure out where to start, but these Judith Supine pieces are so great that we had to post them first. Supine’s got a long history of doing really mind-blowing shit: wheatpasting a Times Square army recruitment center, posting a short video illustrating his process (yes, he’s a boy), inadvertently ending up on the Metro section of the New York Times. Wooster popped up the bearded bikini last Thursday, but we’re starting to realize that seeing street-art firsthand is like visiting the Grand Canyon or something — those snapshots look nice, but whoa-mama-shit, the reality’s better.

That said, you’re not gonna get the full effect from our snaps either. But check the detail on Supine’s woodcuts, a material we’d never seen him use firsthand before this weekend. The one below on the Lower East Side has been there for about a month. Up close, it looks kinda like Supine wheatpasted the painted paper on plywood, sawed out the figure’s silhouette, then carved additional details into the piece after the fact. Either way, it’s really 32 flavors of dopeitude. There’s another really rad woodcut here too.