Orchestrated by evildoers from hostile quarters of the global village, a nuclear holocaust looms over Los Angeles. This ought to ease traffic, but the FBI, headed by an extremely excitable Julianne Moore, is concerned enough to forcibly recruit the services of a two-bit Vegas magician and precog (a freshly buffed and alluringly gaunt Nicolas Cage), who until now has made trivial use of his power—lifted, by heavy-breathing writers, from a Philip K. Dick story—to see two minutes into the future. Oh, never mind the daft plot: Directed by Lee Tamahori with his customary flash and glitter, Next lives from one brilliantly executed chase sequence to the next, which is more than enough reason to stay the course. If the deliciously sneaky trick at the end doesn’t make you gasp, then I’m sorry to say you are no longer capable of surprise.