All About the Hamiltons: Theater District Edition


All about him.

Another in our series of valiant attempts to find pre-theater meals for under $10. This one comes highly recommended by the Sun critic Eric Grode. I am inclined to trust Eric as he is a fine critic and on a break form Androcles and the Lion rehearsal he dragged me to Shake Shack and talked me down when I feared the frozen custard was too caloric. The frozen custard was really good, thought the chocolate chips were waxy. (Androcles and the Lion was good, too, and less waxy. I expect glowing reviews of my performance as a winsome Christian to hit the blogosphere any second now.)

At any rate, Eric puts in a good word for Kati Roll Company, on 46th St. near 6th Ave. I ahd feared that their roti were a bit on the greasy side, but Eric assures me they’re worth it, and only $8 for 2! In the interests of journalistic integrity, I will investigate!