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Stories Left to Blog

Saw Spalding Gray: Stories Left to Tell on Friday. As my sweetheart had to work late and my rabbit prefers musicals I brought one of my undergraduates, an enthusiastic student of theater, though one unfamiliar with Spalding Gray himself. I had some trepidation about the piece. Even before I moved to New York I had seen Gray’s monologues on video and heard them (on cassette!) and read them all. The first piece I was able to see live was A Slippery Slope (a thank you to Brian Parks for taking me, because I couldn’t afford the ticket then).

While hardly an expert I am a confirmed fan and the idea of anyone else performing the material that was so indelibly his (even such talented anyones as Kathleen Chalfant and Ain Gordon), well it rattled me. But I found myself enjoying it, especially the previously unpublished material and it was delightful to watch my student hear these words live onstage for the first time, an opportunity that would otherwise have been denied her. From what she said on leaving the theater it seems that from even beyond the grave, Spalding Gray ahs claimed another fan.