Like The Night Before Christmas: Countdown to Bomb It’s Premiere


Seriously, we are Christmas-Eve giddy about the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Bomb It. If you’re don’t know what we’re talking about, get familiar quick. Here’s the preview blurb that ran in this week’s Voice:

The first 15 minutes of the documentary Bomb It are a retread of the seminal 1983 New York City graffiti doc Style Wars, but once director Jon Reiss leaves the gritty streets of late-1970s New York, his film begins to pave its own way. Bomb It follows graffiti artists all over the world, most poignantly in the garbage-strewn shanty towns of São Paulo and Cape Town. In developed nations, graffiti is treated as desecration or extravagance, but in bleak corners of the earth, wall art is a true political statement. JESSICA GROSE

Excited yet? Here’re the screening times:

Catch our world premiere at the Tribeca Film fest in NYC on April 27th at 7:00pm! And 4 additional screenings:

Fri, Apr 27, 7:00pm AMC 34th Street
Sat, Apr 28, 11:15pm AMC 34th Street
Tue, May 1, 9:15pm Clearview Chelsea West
Fri, May 4, 10:30pm Regal Cinemas
Sun, May 6, 5:30pm AMC Village VII

Not excited? Then you must be a jerk. Today, the filmmakers started releasing one Bomb It clip a day on their blog via YouTube. Today’s clip is REVS. Or rather “F-U-C-K-I-N Revs.” If we have to school you on Revs, you must be a sad sack of historically challenged Willy doo, in which case, we’re going to have to refer you to a very good New York Times profile about the guy. Revs is pretty much, oh, I dunno, a true graf king who really, truly, never sold out—man’s almost never taken money for his work. And while Revs’ co-conspirator Cost famously got caught in the ’90s, the artwork of Revs is still running all over New York.

Bomb It‘s director Jon Reiss got access to Revs, who is the sort of guy who has no problem admitting that he’s “not really into people too much.” In this clip, Revs explains the concept behind his work with Cost: “Fuck everything, fuck everybody, let’s just take over and shove it down their motherfucking throats—that’s what we did.” Just watch. And get yo damn ass excited!