This Week’s Burrito Placemat: Arctic Monkeys, Tommie Sunshine, Guitar Hero


From this gentleman’s blog.

DOWN IN FRONT by Rob Harvilla
A story in which the (Guitar) Hero fingers a plastic axe and tries to crush his enemies. The results are inconclusive.

LOUISIANA REPORT by Larry Blumenfeld
Second-line parades are endangered in New Orleans. ACLU to the rescue.

CRED SHEET by Rob Harvilla
A veritable Feist feast! Feistmas! The Feistgeist!

Nature songs from Björk, Panda Bear, Soft Circle.

Arctic Monkeys’s Favourite Worst Nightmare is “perfectly decent.” This is third-date speak for “You will never meet my mother.”
Calle 13’s Residente o Visitante: The sound effects on Calle 13’s Web site navigational bar scare me.
Patti Smith’s Twelve: She is back. And she brought Tears for Fears.
Bill Callahan’s Woke on a Whaleheart: Joanna Newsom’s boyfriend passes along a “fatherly nugget.” Gross.

FLY LIFE by Tricia Romano
Tommie Sunshine didn’t get asked to play at Studio B with the Klaxons. His response in this week’s Fly Life? “Brooklyn haircut hipsters don’t fucking buy records,” he says. “They steal them from the Internet. I’m trying to reach real fucking people who work for a living. I’m the Bruce Springsteen of electronic music.”

Perhaps he’s still pissed about this little North 9th and Bedford number?

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