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Lady of Lee-sure: Young Jean Lee

This week in the Village Voice Theater Section:

Michael Feingold faintly praises John Fugelsang’s All the Wrong Reasons, writing, “The event runs about 90 minutes, contains some mild laughs and some mild stimuli for the cerebral cells, and does no particular harm if you have the 90 minutes to spare.”

I profiled provocative playwright Young Jean lee as she readies her play Church for P.S.122. I find her a remarkable if painfully self-scrutinizing talent. Sample quotation: “That’s totally me. I am so typical.” Meanwhile, I failed to have a religious experience at transFigures, but enjoyed Lear deBessonet’s pastiche play detailing varieties of god-driven mania.

Sightlines, after the jump:

In the Sightlines section, Garret Eisler gets fairly high off of Giants, which he describes as “a dystopian fantasy about a dysfunctional family,” featuring total commitment to her idiosyncratic fantasy-genre vision and invented language.” Andy Propst gets his hands dirty with Mud Blossom, which he calls a combination of “Southern Gothic literature, after-school specials, and, to a certain extent, Jerry Springer.”And John Beer enjoys the Tutsi roll that is Leslie Lewis Sword and Edward Vilga’s Miracle in Rwanda, tale of a woman who survived a Rwandan massacre, apparently a piece of “riveting theater.”