New York

It’s a Good One: Holla, Halo-Halo!


You should always require your date to coordinate his outfit to match the dessert, of course. In this case, a lively plaid compliments the bean and jackfruit-filled Filipino treat, halo-halo at the new take-out spot PIstahan on First Avenue just south of 14th Street.

Flo Fab wrote the place up last week, and whether she lets Susan Magrino do her reporting, we don’t know, but she did pay for her binagoongan and lechón. Last night, some friends of the owner were cooing over the review, and asked him “did you let her pay?” and he said “Of course.” Just for the record.

Also for the record, we ate too much and it was real tasty, especially the pork adobo and the plantain-filled sweet spring rolls.

229 First Avenue
(212) 228-9000


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