Critical Mass Outwits NYPD


Video of the April 27 Critical Mass ride. H/T:

The cyclists of Critical Mass may have found a new move in their ongoing match of cat-and-mouse with the NYPD. On Friday, riders gathered for the monthly event in Union Square, as usual. But instead of taking off into the chomping teeth of the city’s blues, they headed underground, took the subway to the financial district, and emerged to start their ride with nary a scooter cop in sight.

Bikeblog has the firsthand report:

This was truly amazing. We had one giant wheel unicycle, one tallbike and about 40 other riders. We had lost a few people along the way, some didn’t go on the subway, some got off at the wrong stop and there was rumor that a group went to Brooklyn, thinking we meant the other Fulton St. For the most part, we were united as a group, taking up all the lanes of traffic and engaged in a fun critical mass. As we headed up Church St. towards Canal, it seemed that a lot more people knew who we were. There was a lot of friendly supportive honking from motor vehicles and crowd waving.

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