New York

EfV on the Road: Cheese Curds, Custard


For the first time in several years, EfV boarded an airplane on Friday, for a luxurious weekend in Madison, Wisconsin. There were a lot of white people there, which can make a person feel weird, but there was also a lot of cheese, a huge farmer’s market, homemade root beer, and real frozen custard. Those things made us feel quite at home. It’s not our intention to torture you, dear readers. At least you can order the custard online.


It looked better before we mixed it all up and ate half of it, but try to imagine the house specialty at Michael’s: rich, dense vanilla custard with caramel and salty roasted pecans.


And this, kids, is a fried cheese curd. Think mozzarella stick, but smaller, saltier, chewier, and cheddar-er.

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