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Dream Play: Steve Cosson


The Civilian: Steve Cosson

Welcome to the feature where we cuddle up alongside our favorite directors, rest our heads on a shared pillow and ask them what they might directs, were rights, costs, and time not an option.

This week we pillow talked with Steven Cosson. Steven Cosson is the Artistic Director of The Civilians, creating original theater from investigations into real life. The Civilians GONE MISSING comes back to NY this summer for a run at Barrow Street Theater; and the company’s new show about Evangelical Christianity in Colorado Springs, THIS BEAUTIFUL CITY, opens at the Studio Theatre in D.C. in June ’08.

Steve would direct…

I have lots of plays in my mind that would be either borderline or flagrantly illegal…so chances are they will stay in my head. I’d love to do a production of Hair that incorporates the story changes in the Forman film. I had wanted to do His Girl Friday (The Front Page with a woman playing Hildy) but Jack O’Brien beat me to it. Then there’s my adaptation of The Children’s Hour (mine’s calledFingered) where I cut up Hellman’s play with excerpts from Joan Didion’s The White Album, interviews with Patti Smith, etc. That would fall under “flagrantly illegal.” I would love to do a production of The Killing of Sister George. If you don’t know it rent the movie with Beryl Reid and Susannah York. Brutal and beautiful. There’s this great play by Ben Hecht from the 20’s called The Great Magoo, Coney Island carnies, hard boiled broads – America before it became a born again virgin. I want to do a Macbeth because I think I could actually make it scary. And why not have a go at Strindberg’s To Damascus. I can’t think of anything harder.

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