French Artist Dudes Hit Bedford Ave


These two pieces materialized this past weekend along Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg. The nun-like figure on the right is from FKDL a/k/a FrancK DuvaL, a French guy who we’d like to tell you more about, but his site’s all in France-ish. We support international diversity on the streets, but . . . let’s just put it like this: Mr. FKDL, how do you say ‘Belongs On Sale at the Pottery Barn’ in French?

On the left is Mimi the Clown, a character from Miguel Donvez, another European fella who thinks it’s funny to make his site in a different language so that we can’t understand it. (To that, we say, ‘Bah Fongool!’) Mimi may be wearing some ugly-ass trainers here and doing some weird sexy pose, but at least the clown has a red mohawk. Or is that a triceratops frill? Either way, we like Mimi.

Some even awesomer Mimi the Clown stuff here.