Flyer of the Week and New Mix: Certified Bananas at the Rub


The Rub with Certified Bananas
Venue: Southpaw
Date: Saturday, May 5
What To Expect Based Solely on the Flyer: Bananas! Potassium. Bananas!
Designer (a/k/a text adder): Ayres Haxton a/k/a DJ Ayres
Photographer: Doug Fishbone

Backstory: “Busted! I just jacked that photo and put my text on top of it. Here is the original image,” Ayres writes in an e-mail, ” which I originally found by Googling ‘bananas.'”

Concept: “Flyers with the Brooklyn Bridge on them are clichéd, but a photo that good with 10,000 bananas in front of a Brooklyn landmark was just too perfect for Certified Bananas at The Rub.”

More random info: “We don’t print physical flyers for The Rub anymore because it is always crazy packed, so it was just be a waste of paper, but we still like having online flyers for appearances’ sake.”

Humble photo-jacking disclaimer: “It’s weird to be get attention for a flyer design because I’m a DJ who just designs stuff when it’s last minute and it’s too late to hire anyone. I usually get real designers for important stuff. I’m glad you like it, though!”

Certified Bananas and Smalltown DJs, “North American Wildlife”

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