‘Rolling Like a Stone’


On fire back in June of ’65, the Rolling Stones rocked their first-ever Swedish gig and then spent the night partying at a private house in Malmö alongside shaggy local bands and sundry cool cats. Mick, Keith, and the late Brian Jones likely forgot all about that soiree by their next tour stop, which makes Rolling Like a Stone‘s unearthed Super-8mm footage of the event such a bittersweet treasure. This delightfully pensive 65-minute doc catches up with a semi-connected group of those partygoers to examine through a colored gel of hindsight four decades’ worth of aging, identity crises, and expectations realized and adjusted. Think of it as a variation on Michael Apted’s Up series, as some major players—i.e., the modern-day Stones—don’t show, while others open up to the camera. There’s pensioner-to-be Tommy, who gets his group, The Namelosers, back together again for a sold-out reunion show; single dad Ola, a former member of The Gonks who sifts through his dusty love letters from fans; and Mona, who wonders if Jones would still be alive had she run away with him. More touching than bleak, their brushes with fame long ago are only a jumping-off point to matters more