New York

Chang to Sycophants: “Shut Up and Eat”


Is it a little ironic that David Chang, who admits that hype has been good for him, chose Eater as the site for this declaration: “Too much in the restaurant business is about hype right now. Chefs are not rock stars and are not cool. Restaurant openings are not movie premieres. All the bullshit distracts from the real task at hand – cooking – and from the food, which is what we’re in it for.”

Whatever. Chang spills the beans in the hopes that people will stop asking him about Momofuku 3, a/k/a Momofuku Ko, which will be in the Noodle Bar Spot. Noodle Bar will move down up block, to the site of now-closed Filipino spot Krystal’s — where Chang and his team posted a hilarious fake menu for a new sports bar in an effort to throw off the bloggers. And here we are, blogging about it. Pathetic? Precisely!

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