‘Orange Winter’


In November 2004, controversy over electoral fraud erupted in the Ukraine, spurring on a series of demonstrations, since named the Orange Revolution for the color of the opposition. Parallels, schmarallels: While we simply cross our fingers for 2008, the Ukrainian people actually got a fair recount that named “good guy” Viktor Yushchenko the winner over “bad guy” Viktor Yanukovich (oversimplified distinctions courtesy of Orange Winter’s naivete). Andrei Zagdansky’s tedious time capsule of the event makes peculiar assumptions about audience familiarity with Ukrainian politics beyond what trickled into the headlines, blowing past potentially fascinating footnotes and story threads for 72 minutes of pure B-roll (panning over the orange-clad crowds, cutting to a Kiev Opera House performance of La Traviata ). It’s enough to drive anyone to revolution.

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