Reader: Send Me the Testicles of a South Bronx Mosquito



Wayne Barrett’s article The Yankees’ Clean-Up Man [May 9–15] and its follow-up Diamonds Are Forever[May 16–22] on Rudolph Giuliani expose Giuliani for what he is—an ethically challenged, overrated, temperamental authoritarian. His Yan
kees deals, sweetheart relationship with Steinbrenner, World Series rings scandal, and other shenanigans were criminal. When questioned about this on his campaign trail, Giuliani angrily replied that Barrett was obsessive and “sticks pins in a doll of me every night.” Whoa, Giuliani. You’re talking voodoo! Now, not only will I not vote for him for president, but as a hoodooist (that’s an existentialist voodoo practitioner with a NYU degree, who studied Hegel, Kant, and Sartre), I got my mojo working against him that he’ll be out at Republican-primary third base before home-base general election day. I just have one last ingredient lacking in my anti-Giuliani potion.
Can anyone send me the testicles of a South Bronx mosquito?

Clyde Dinkins (Again)

Irvington, New Jersey

As Rudy Giuliani insists that “[he] paid precisely what anyone else would pay” for his Yankee World Series rings, $2,500, my only question is: Where can I go to buy one for that price?

Gregory Holman



I want to express my thanks to Kristen Lombardi for her incisive, insightful, accurate story
Grace Under Pressure
[May 16–22] on the crisis that has befallen us at the Violence Intervention Program (VIP). The bizarre irony of this matter is the single stated provocation for Grace Perez’s termination: the real estate transaction. Not only did Grace make a sound forward-looking decision, but she was also empowered to close the deal, having had months of support from the board. Now that we will not have that property to call our own, what now? What will the board do? As a realtor, I assured the board that such an opportunity will not present itself anytime soon in East Harlem—certainly not by the time our headquarters’ lease expires. It was a poor decision based on misguided reasoning, one that has left VIP without the lifeblood of the organization and on the brink of total demise. The board of directors has, almost magically, managed to extract the very DNA out of the Violence Intervention Program.

Robert Espier

Property Manager, VIP


Lombardi’s story about the firing of VIP’s dedicated and hardworking executive director Grace Perez outlines the inexplicable maneuverings of the board members, including the board chairperson, Jenny Rivera, a “prominent Manhattan civil rights attorney.” Rivera is now the head attorney general for Cuomo’s Civil Rights bureau. While I find her putative actions baffling, I’m afraid that her refusal to comment about her role in the firing to either Perez or to the public rings a bell. I filed the first civil rights complaint of the attorney general’s tenure regarding the Parks Department’s spending resources to ensure that elite (mostly white) Manhattan-based schools are provided privileged access to Randalls Island ball fields while mostly minority students from the Bronx and East Harlem are excluded. I have not heard a word from Rivera (or the AG’s office).

Robert Jereski



Thanks to Nat Hentoff for his article China Up Against the Wall
[May 16–22] about that country’s support of mass murder in Darfur. But Hentoff left out the mass murder that the still-Communist Chinese government has been committing in Tibet for the past 50 years, and personally carried out by President Hu Jintao for the last 25 years. Same guy in photos with Gates and Bush. Murder and torture of monks, nuns, and peace-loving people. Right now they are in the process of relocating thousands of Tibetans for “their benefit”—a Communist China repeat of what it did to its own people back in the middle of the last century. So it’s true: The more things change, the more they stay the same. And the Commies will probably do the same with us once they rule the world. The Olympic Committee, the game sponsors, and Mr. Steven “Jewish genocide” Spielberg should be ashamed to validate such monsters, who’ll be using young athletes just like Hitler did. Perhaps Spielberg can Schindlerize a few thousand Tibetans for fame and glory. But who cares about Africans and Sherpas when there is money to be made, right?

M. Benitez

Orlando, Florida

Hentoff gets it wrong in his effort to rally Voice readers against China and Sudan. The CIA supports the rebels in Darfur in an effort to overthrow the Sudanese government so U.S. oil companies can get back into Sudan and displace the Chinese. The Chinese have done more infrastructure development in Sudan than U.S. oil corporations have ever done in any country. Just compare Sudan to Nigeria. The real humanitarian crises in the world now are in Iraq (1 million dead, 4 million refugees), Somalia, and eastern Congo. Hentoff does not talk about these places because Americans are the ones committing the genocide. Let’s not be fooled by the work of D.C.-based PR firms, like and the celebrities they can recruit. Get the CIA out of Darfur and the civil war will subside.

Robert Merrill, Ph.D.

Professor Literature and Humanities

Maryland Institute College of Art

Baltimore, Maryland

Nat Hentoff replies: Although I am a longtime critic of the CIA, the reader believes that I have greatly underestimated the savagery it supports by—he claims without proof—allowing the mass murders and rapes of the black Africans in Darfur. China’s “development” in Darfur consists entirely of supplying arms to the barbarous Janjaweed of the National Islamic Front government of Sudan. I hope Dr. Merrill can document for us the connection between the CIA and the Janjaweed.


As a single female living an alternative lifestyle, my experience has been different from the one expressed in Tristan Taormino’s The Cum of Alt Fears[April 25–May 1]. As a swinger, I have found men within couples to be a pain in the ass. Because they are the other half of a couple, they believe that they are superior to single guys, can ignore rules, and disrespect boundaries that are put into place for what I believe to be (or should be) for all males. I am starting to feel like I’m the only person who notices this, or that others are too wimpy to speak da fuck up.



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