The Promised New Stuff


SYNOPSIS In which excellent new music by three artists/bands/whatever — we can never tell, and heaven knows our own work is hard enough to keep track of — from the divine Julia Kent, some folks called the Yarrows (a Peter, Paul & Mary ref we’re guessing), and a delightful and delightfully bizarre disco given to us by a friend of a friend who was in NYC recently, visiting from Spain.

Ah, Spain! But anyhow…

NEXT WEEK: Soundtracks for Imaginary Films, the Sequal.


Playlist for Episode 43

“Track 14” by Julia Kent, from Delay (Shayo, 2007)

Time To Go,” “Diamond,” and “Nobody Knows You’re Gone” by the Yarrows, from Plum (Empyrean, 2007)

“Track 15” by Julia Kent, from Delay (Shayo, 2007)

Transylvania,” “Antarctica, and “…’cause I Shall Rise Again!” by Evripidis and His Tragedies, from Evripidis and His Tragedies (Touch me, 2007)

“Track 16,” and “Track 09” by Julia Kent, from Delay (Shayo, 2007)