Which Top Chef Loves Mos Def?


I have a life. That’s why I found all these MySpace pages, and why I am sharing them with you. Honestly, I wasn’t looking for them, but once it started, it’s snowballed, and now I know too much, like, that Harold Dieterle is straight, in a relationship, and loves the Beastie Boys, one of Padma Lakshmi’s favorite movies is Sophie’s Choice, Sam Talbot recently enjoyed Bill Buford’s book, Heat, and Tom Colicchio, whose page seems to have been created by some PR person from Bravo, has met everyone he ever wanted to meet.

There’s more. Ilan and Marcel are friends. Marcel’s occupation is listed as: “Culinary Artist & Molecular Gastronomist.” Obviously. Marisa and Josie seem to be BFF, and also, Marisa likes to cook in a bikini and heels. Miguel might be subtly hinting at to Harold that he wants a job at Perilla. Oh, God, my brain is turning into cottage cheese.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on May 16, 2007


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