Wolfie Watchdog Site ‘Sabotaged’

, the premier watchdog website on Paul Wolfowitz‘s very-soon-to-end reign at the World Bank, mysteriously went down this afternoon. One of its operators, Alex Wilks, e-mailed people to say, “Sabotage suspected.”

Just after the site posted details of the rumors that Wolfowitz’s resignation is to be announced this week, the whole shebang went down. Wilks, whose day job is coordinator of the watchdog group European Network on Debt & Development, e-mailed this announcement a few minutes ago from Brussels:

Specialist site on World Bank president off-line during resignation negotiations: sabotage suspected

In what appears to be a carefully timed attack, the blog has been taken off line by unknown parties. The site, established two years ago to track the selection process which resulted in Wolfowitz’s appointment, has been a mecca for journalists, activists and others seeking up to date and inside information on what is happening to the World Bank president.

This afternoon, within minutes of posting a story detailing the strong rumours that Wolfowitz’s resignation is to be announced this week, the site went down. The site’s hosting company says that the pattern of activity is suspicious, almost certainly a so-called ‘denial of service’ attack. This means a coordinated internet bombardment aiming to take down the site.

The hosting company is trying to get the specialist blog on-line again this evening. Alex Wilks, site editor questioned: “Could this be a final act of aggression carried out by Wolfowitz’s people while he is in public office? We will post further information on the site once it is back on-line”.

He continued: “The site will also publish the full low-down on the deal which is likely to accompany the Wolfowitz departure. And of course be there to track the process and outcome of who will succeed him”.