Ramen Heads, Brace Yourselves


The East Village is about to get yet another ramen shop. Ramen Setagaya could open in a few weeks, but it all depends on Con Edison. The owners are waiting for their gas hookup. No gas, no ramen. I guess it’s understandable. But in the meantime, the Setagaya folks are boasting “#1 Ramen from Japan.” It’s a bold claim, especially since they’re about a block and a half away from Rai Rai Ken. The menu’s finer print focuses on the signature dish, the MSG-free, all natural Shio (salt) ramen, $9.50. When Setagaya finally opens, we’re sure New York’s Ramen heads will offer plenty of scrutiny.

Ramen Setagaya
141 First Aveunue
(212) 529-2740