Lady Sov Melts Down at Studio B?


Last Friday, Lady Sovereign was booked for a late-night “mini-set” at Studio B’s weekly FUN dance party, the same night she opened for Gwen Stefani in Jersey. This here sucker actually bought a ticket for it, but then ended up ditching the show when I’d decided the biggest midget in the game would never turn up. Apparently, she did. As alleged musical Midas and coke-nose-illustrator Perez Hilton posted over the weekend:

Sov was scheduled to play a 2 A.M. set at Studio B in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, but she rolled in super late and didn’t take to the stage until around 3:30 A.M.

After taking the stage tardy, she then started complaining that the crowd was too small and she complained that she was only playing the show because she was “poor” and “about to get evicted from her apartment,” sources tell us . . .

Adds another source, “When the music finished, she complained about her poverty again, said she hated America, was depressed, showed the audience her arm which bore razor cuts (v. Courtney Love of her), and eventually went to the back of the stage and began crying as a body guard tried to calm her down and encourage her to finish her set, which was only slated to be 3 songs!”

She then was like “Fuck this, I don’t care if I don’t get paid” and walked off after a quick talk with her DJ.

Not that Perez is to be trusted, but Rock Star Diary also stuck around and posted a report about the fiasco. Plus, there’re three other anecdotal reports here and here. Never mind that two sets of Flickr photos from that night are both tagged “breakdown.” Anyone else document her freak out?

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