Herring Today, Gone in a Few Weeks


People, get ready. Maatjes herring are headed our way. If you haven’t partaken in this seasonal delicacy before, mark your calendars.

At The Oyster Bar, the annual herring festival begins next week, on June 1 and, if supplies remain good, should go until June 18. We visited several times last year and adored the oily, super-fresh little lady fishes.

At Aquavit, Marcus Samuelsson is offering quite a spread. His all-you-can -eat herring buffet is $20.07 at lunch and $48 at dinner. The deal starts June 11th and the herring go bye-bye June 16th.

The Buffet:

Pickled Herring
Matjes Herring
Curry Herring
Herb Garlic Herring
Tomato Sherry Herring
Cucumber Yogurt Herring
Gentlemen’s Delight
Romaine Salad with Herring Dressing
Marinated Anchovy Apples and Goat Cheese
Asparagus Swedish Anchovy Dip
Herring Cakes Curry Remoulade
Calf’s Liver Pate with Sweet Anchovy
Gravlax Matjes Herring Mustard Sauce
Hot Smoked Salmon Anchovy Horseradish Sauce
Swedish Meatballs Anchovy Gravy

Grand Central Oyster Bar

Grand Central Station, downstairs
(212) 490-6650

65 East 56th Street
(212) 307-7311


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