‘I’m Reed Fish’


Short of pulling a Zach Braff, there’s one sure way to get known as a screenwriter: Put your actual name in the title of the script. Add a bunch of indie bands, find a Braff look-alike (Jay Baruchel) to play the lead, top it off with some obscure animal hybrid—a zorse instead of a liger—and you’ve got writer Reed Fish’s can’t-fail debut. The semi- fictional character Fish, with both parents dead in a car accident, looks set to follow in his father’s footsteps: take over the small-town radio show—”the voice of Mud Meadows”—that his dad hosted for years, marry the local hottie (Alexis Bledel), and settle in to a life of babymaking, bowling, and Dance Dance Revolution. But wait! Cue the old high school flame (Schuyler Fisk), back from college and casting her indie-folk spell to “hook the Fish.” And just so you know this Fish has got chops, there’s a flashy Brechtian film-within-a-film conceit, showing Fish (still played by Baruchel) making his film and even, for a moment, substituting his real girlfriends (or are they?!?) for their on-screen doubles. Because irony fixes everything.