Parts & Labor’s ‘Mapmaker’


Brooklyn’s Parts and Labor make rock music, but in an unconventional way. They rely on wickedly fast and tight drums (courtesy of occasional Voice scribe Christopher R. Weingarten), laser-taggish drones, violent feedback, and some pretty sick guitar riffs—they’re geeks on speed, in other words. Last year’s Stay Afraid was weird and abrasive and loud, but
, though clearly related, seems a bit more accessible, and in an era where “art-rock” is getting much more attention, this isn’t a bad thing at all. While the trio’s latest never feels like a conscious bite at anything commercial, there’s an undeniable get-in-your-head aggression to “Vision of Repair,” while the noodly guitars on “New Crimes” should rock the face off anyone with a pulse. A few years ago, the Secret Machines broke through with a loud, droney assault, but lamed out soon thereafter. Good thing, though, as that means the time is ripe for a new breed of art-jam-noise purveyors who could easily resonate with average bros drinkin’ Buds with their buds.
Mapmaker makes for an excellent audition.

Parts & Labor play a venue evidently named Above the Auto Parts Store, June 22,