Patrick Vaccariello’s last meal


Patrick Vaccariello is the chef at Harry’s Café, Harry’s Steak, and Gold St., the new 24-hour financial district diner where kobe beef sliders and toro scallion maki meet BLT wraps and Belgian waffles. Vaccariello grew up in an Italian/Dutch family in Pelham Bay and later lived in Rhode Island. Now he says he can’t imagine leaving New York. “Well, maybe I could retire there, you know, when I’m too old to work 14-hour days,” he said of the “Ocean State,” adding that he’s a Cancer and loves water. It turns out the chef would head to the shore for his fantasy last meal, too.

So, is it supposed to be a last meal in a restaurant or at home?

It’s anything you want. You could travel around the world, or bring back some long-dead chef to cook for you if you want. Wow.

Well, I can’t necessarily make it happen, but I can write it down.Right.
Well, I would want a fisherman’s–style baked, stuffed lobster. When I say
“fisherman’s–style,” I mean stuffed with scallops, shrimp, crabmeat, and the lobster meat itself. And of course I would want to eat with my closest friends and family.

Did you grow up eating this kind of thing? Well, I used to work in Rhode Island on the shore, and that would be a really popular dish during summer. Also, it’s pretty lavish.

Where would you eat it? On the beach? Oh, yeah. On the beach. Sounds real good.
You’re invited!

Thanks! But I hope you’re not on death row. What would you drink?
A Joseph Phelps Chardonnay. And for dessert, blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream. And what kind of wine would I drink with that?

I don’t know. I was gonna say a sauterne, but that’s too sweet. How about a fruity Beaujolais.

OK, and would you cook the meal yourself? I think I’d have it cooked for me.
Hey, you deserve it. Well, is that it? Anything to start? Well, you know, let’s start with a watermelon salad with pine nuts, arugula, and feta cheese.
Whoa. You were pretty all-American until just now. Is that on the menu at one of the restaurants? Yeah, Harry’s Café. We started making it last summer. It gives you good feelings all over.

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