So Easy, Even a Bachelor Could do it!


EfV might be a beautiful lady, but we often cook like a bachelor — on little cash, with little effort, and zero planning ahead. In this spirit, we recently came up with a little trick we thought we’d pass on to you.

Pick up a thick pork rib chop. (We have been pleased with the juiciness of Whole Foods’ chops). Put a big pinch of coarse salt in a coffee grinder or spice grinder with a pinch of whole fennel and a pinch of whole cumin. Grind the combination into a powder. Rub the pork with olive oil. Sprinkle the spice powder all over the meat, and cook it in a hot cast-iron skillet for a few minutes on each side. Let it rest for a few minutes. Then, in your boxers and dirty socks, gnaw on that baby in front of the television. OK, maybe the bachelor doesn’t tape Oprah every day. But otherwise, it’s exactly the same.

We like to use a flaky sea salt for this, but we’re no millionaire. At the Koreatown market Han Ah Reum, we buy big bag of sea salt for $3.99 that we like to think of as the poor man’s Maldon.

Han Ah Reum
25 W 32nd Street
(212) 695-3283


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