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Arnaud Erhart on the Future of 360, Bloggers, and America


360, one of our very favorite restaurants, closed its gates on May 20, and naturally, speculation set in not long afterwards. We caught up with owner Arnaud Erhart last night to ask him what was going on.

Erhart said that he really was just closing to upgrade the construction. “It’s been five-plus years,” he said, “I have some long overdue issues. Some major wear and tear.” 360 was a “credit card financed” endeavor, and the construction was done by neighbors, friends, and local plumbers and carpenters. “It was a collective effort,” Erhart said.

He also told us there would be no design changes and his lease, of which he said “below market is kind of an understatement,” is good for five and-a-half more years. The reason he hasn’t given a date for reopening is that he has learned from experience that construction is unpredictable. “I announced the opening for a year,” Erhart said. “The only way to do it is under the radar.”

Erhart, who has lived in Red Hook for about 15 years, was friendly — he even shared some smoked bluefish with old EfV, but is skeptical of reporters, especially the blogging sort. “I understand that they are free to write what they want, but some of them would rather put something in writing than even check their facts,” he said. “I try not to read too much, at least about the food world, anymore. I get too excited, and it’s not good for my blood pressure.”

One more question. Are there any plans for change down the road, or new projects? “Not here,” Erhart said. “Not in the US. I have major political issues. That’s an understatement.”


We’ll try to slip under the radar to let you people know when 360 gets back up and running.

360 Van Brunt
Red Hook
(718) 246-0360

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