Now Hiring: Scott Connant, Matthew Zappoli


Scott Connant wants to take you to the beach and make you pasta.

Tailor is (once again) staffing up. And they don’t care how hot you are.

Stanton Social needs a pastry cook.

The Odeon needs a cook and a sous chef.

A “New Exciting Ceviche Wine Bar” on East 50th Street, is staffing up.

Zoe Townhouse needs a few good cooks to work under Matthew Zappoli.

Soho Grand now hiring hipsters. Oy.

Olea is hiring a sous chef and a head chef. needs (paid) interns who work in restaurants and want to support the mission.

Barbuto is looking for cooks and a sous chef.

Boqueria needs a stylish hostess.

The garden is open and Frankie’s Spuntino needs servers.