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Ukranian East Village Dies a Little More: Kurowycky to Close Tomorrow


East Villagers, sausage fans, Ukrainians, tomorrow will be a sad day. Kurowycky Meat Products, the 52 year-old butcher/deli/grocery store, will open its doors for the last time tomorrow morning at 8AM and close them at 6PM, or when supplies run out, which will almost definitely be well before then.

We had a little chat with the owner, Jerry Kurowycky. This was not a case of rising rent prices, but it was, as Kurowycky put it “a simple matter of economics.” Kurowycky, whose grandfather originally started the business, owns the building and realizes he could make more money renting the space out. “This used to be a staple, but now it’s a destination place,” he told us. People travel into the city for holiday specialties, particularly right before Easter.

EfV’s got a kielbasa in her tote bag, which is creating a really aromatic cubicle situation, but hey, it’s worth it. The rest of you better set your alarms if you want one last hurrah. And what’s going into the space? “It better be something good,” Kurowycky said, “cause I live upstairs.” He guessed it will be a restaurant. So, stay tuned, and, um, poor out a little voodkah for your homies?

Kurowycky Meat Products
124 First Avenue
(212) 477-0344

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