Flyer of the Week: Best Thing Ever’s Bathroom DVD Premiere


The Bathroom Tour DVD World Premiere
Venue: Galapagos
Date: Tuesday, June 5
What To Expect Based Solely on the Flyer: Toilets. People with no faces. Urinal cakes.

Backstory: Last spring, three Boston University kids revived an inactive side-project they’d once worked on together called The Best Thing Ever. The reunion was a one-off resuscitation strictly to actualize a simple idea: a secret bathroom tour. So guitarist Alex Billig, cellist/percussionist Jen Page, and vocalist Noah Britton quietly announced their plans on a LiveJournal page, made T-shirts, and forwarded their guerrilla-tour info to a few friends. Then during finals week, they showed up to potties around New England for 12 consecutive days to unnerve Boston’s (easily spooked) pee-goers by performing stall-side until someone inevitably kicked them out.

Memorable moment: One of their most amusing restroom runs took place when they spent one night roaming around Boston’s student ghetto (a/k/a Allston), party-crashing. In three hours, they played roughly 15 bathrooms. One particularly memorable moment: they covered Notorious B.I.G.’s “Big Poppa” while a drunk girl quietly puked in the corner.

What this has to do with New York, Part I: It’s a year later. They’re debuting the “world premiere” of their toilet tour DVD tonight in Williamsburg.

The Best Thing Ever is*: Cellist Jen Page, who auditioned for American Idol in 2004 as a face-painted mime, mouthed the words to Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” and ended up on the Best and Worst of American Idol Seasons 1–4 DVD. (Simon supposedly told her she had the best voice all day.) Then there’s vocalist Noah Britton, who has this lanky, melancholic-genius aura and this deep, Stephin Merritt-ate-Matt-Berninger baritone. And then there’s Alex Billig. He brings us to. . .

What this has to do with New York, Part II: Billig now lives in Williamsburg and runs around screaming as the one-man shrill electro-noise creature Never Heard of Zeppelin. He used to intern at CMJ, he dreams of a place with no alarm clocks, and he’s never heard of a very famous band.

Never Heard of Zeppelin, “Dreamer

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