Pulsing, Throbbing Sinus-rending Beats


SYNOPSIS In which your Uncle LD complains about his sinuses (yet again), mispronounces more words, and blathers on and on about a new record composed of 13 songs with titles beginning with the letter A … and then urges those who drink not to drive. Which is a quite workable route to inebriation if you live somewhere with bars within walking distance or in one of those oases of civiliation where liquor stores still deliver.

NEXT WEEK: Click! Whir! Buzz! Sproing! Crash!

Playlist for Episode 46

Intro: “A” (exerpt) by Turzi

Illuminati: Pastels Music Remixed (Domino, 1998)
Windy Hill,” by Cornelius
Remote Climbs,” by John McEntire
On the Way,” by Third Eye Foundation

Over,” Mourning Air, and “Western Eyes,” from Portishead (London, 1997)

“Acid Taste,” “Authority,” and “Alpes, from A (Kemado, 2007)