Say Your Prayers for Libby


One of the creepiest testimonials on behalf of Scooter Libby — you know, the letters that Judge Reggie B. Walton ignored when he sentenced the Cheney aide to 30 months in prison — came from the bowels of one of D.C.’s most fascinating religious institutions: the 10,000-member McLean Bible Church, home of Ken Starr, Joe Gibbs, and a host of Congress members.

The church is pastored by Lon Solomon, a former Jewish hippie and self-proclaimed recovering drug dealer who now preaches salvation through Jesus H. Christ alone. (Read this 1998 story in the Washington Post for more on the church and Ken Starr. See my earlier post for the Post‘s links to all the Libby letters.)

This particular letter on behalf of Libby came from Lauren Allgood, former executive assistant to the deputy director of the Bush regime’s National Economic Council.

What’s creepy about this is that Allgood is a staffer at the church and in fact is the main contact person for the powerful congregation’s “Future Leaders” program. This is what you call networking. That’s all we need: more and more sanctimonious people bringing their blessings upon our government.

The heavily politicized church (no suprise, given its membership) has actively helped the Defense Department’s pro-war “America Supports You” propaganda campaign, giving strategy tips to agitprop operatives.

All gory to God. Allgood’s letter, dated May 1, of course adopts a spiritual tone, as she says:

I have known Scooter Libby in both a professional and personal setting for six years. In that time, I have had nothing but the deepest respect for his character and values.

And why not? She was working in the legislative affairs office for U.S. CEO Dick Cheney in 2001 when she first met Scooter, she wrote:

I observed an extremely intelligent man working tirelessly for this country and the ideals of freedom . . .

And for her as well:

As I transitioned from the Vice President’s office to other offices at the White House, I could count on Scooter to be one of my biggest supporters. He encouraged me to take a job with the National Economic Council and even recommended me to the new director.

And then there was the time in 2002 when her family and Scooter’s family ran into each other at Jackson, Wyoming, and he was so damn kind and nice:

My father still talks about the evening where Scooter was husband and father first and a humble servant of the American people second. We were blessed to be in the company of such a distinguished government official who loved his family and enjoyed meeting new people and telling stories.

Wonder if any of those moral tales from this pious servant of Lord and country had to do with Valerie Plame or the coverup of the Iraq war plotting that he was constantly engaged in during 2002.