Smoke Joint Hot-Boxes the Neighborhood


Fort Greene’s Smoke Joint is up to some top-secret expanding. They have clearly taken over the space next door to them, and now claim the corner of Fulton and South Elliot.

EfV did a little nosing around this afternoon, which mostly consisted of bothering the manager, Chris, while he tried to talk on his phone. Chris swears the higher-ups won’t even tell him what the plan is for the space, and he’s relieved, because he doesn’t want to “be a liar” when he refuses to tell nosy girls what the deal is.

We did peak inside when a worker went in, and we will say this, reserving the right to be completely wrong of course: the added-on space does not look like simply additional seating. From what we glimpsed — and there is still lots of work to be done — the new area seems self-contained and not open to the existing dining room. We also saw three or four deli slicers in there.

Any theories out there?

The Smoke Joint
87 South Elliot Place
Fort Greene
(718) 797-1011


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