New York

Your Favorite Shit-Talker Returns! Complete With Banksy Make Out Request!


Photographed by yours truly in Brooklyn a few weeks ago. We didn’t bother to tell her about this.

We missed you. So bad. For reals.

See, we had a minor situation here at the All City HQ. One night real late, we were drinking King Cobra on the VV stoop with the bossman and we were like, “The Internet rules! We can’t believe you hired us just to put pictures of dicknoses on the Internet! And this is part of our job description! Holla!”

Funny thing, our boss was like, “You like the Internet so much, how about you be IN CHARGE OF IT!” And we were like, “Um, LOL?” Then we ran away.

But we got caught. And handcuffed. To the rest of the Internet. All City can’t even figure out how to read Complex Magazine because half of it is all upside down, so we had a lot to figure out.

But guess what? All City is back. For reals! The rest of the Internet can suck it.

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