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Video: The Whitest Kids U Know


In the print Voice, Kristopher Monroe writes about the Whitest Kids U Know, a Brooklyn-based sketch-comedy crew who’ve managed to parlay a Sunday-night Pianos residency into a Fuse TV show. Monroe writes:

The five-member Brooklyn-based troupe is one of the funniest—and increasingly successful—ensembles performing on the New York sketch-comedy scene. They play to enthusiastic crowds on Sundays at the Lower East Side club Pianos, they won the Jury Prize for Best Comedy Troupe at last year’s Aspen Comedy Festival, and they’ve landed a Tuesday-night Fuse network TV show (aired at 11 p.m., when impressionable minds are sleeping). Not bad for a group of guys still in their mid-twenties who sing children’s songs about how to replace your daddy by taking naked Polaroids of yourself and leaving them in his sock drawer.

One of the funniest ensembles performing on the New York sketch-comedy scene? That’s what the man wrote.

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