CSA Season Begins!


When asparagus came, we all said, “it’s really spring now!” and when Mr. Softee started circling our block, we said it was summer. Now, CSA season has begun, and it’s all official again. We picked up our first batch of deliciousness from the Chelsea CSA, which hooks us up with gorgeous produce from Stoneledge Farm in South Cairo, NY.

We got a bunch of rhubarb, bok choy, mizuna, arugula, Chinese cabbage, red sails lettuce, garlic chives, flowering sage, and a head of Great Lakes lettuce. The batches only get bigger as we head towards high summer.

We blanched some mizuna and sauteed it in olive oil with garlic and some chili flakes, and felt very lucky. We would love to hear what you’re cooking with your CSA bounty!


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