Pete Wentz’s Brilliant Ideas: Heckler- Fighting, Salt-Water Drinking, Turd Measuring


Pete Wentz at 2007 Fashion Week; photo by Tricia Romano

It’s been an attention-mongering few days for New York City’s least diviest “dive bar” owner. First, the Fall Out Boy bassist bloodied a heckler on Monday night. Then last night, Mr. Wentz apparently attempted to make a funny about the sanguinary slugfest:

“We can’t talk about where we were last night for obvious reasons, but we thought we’d play this song and send it out to my future cell mate.”

– Pete Wentz said at the Fall Out Boy concert in Indianapolis on Tuesday night as he introduced the band’s cover of Akon’s “Don’t Matter”

Coincidentally, gossip OG Michael Musto got Wentz on the phone for this week’s puppy trainer. During their conversation, Ashlee Simpson’s pillow-sharer talked about his birthday at the beach, ritual mutilation, and business. Somewhere in there, Wentz blurted this out:

“I come up with a million ideas a day. . . and about one is all right. The lamest idea ever was a circular tape measure that comes out of the toilet bowl so frat guys can measure their shit.”

In case you had any second thoughts about judging Mr. Wentz . . . don’t.

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