Single File: Juliette and the Licks, “Hot Kiss,” plus NYC tour dates



If you were on top of your RSS feeds last week, you might’ve noticed that the Web magicians (that’d be me and the Brein) gave you a sneak preview of the “Singles Going Steady” column that came out in this week’s fishwrap. For what it’s worth, Jeanne Fury’s description of the Juliette and the Licks song “Hot Kiss” made this Web Whodini want to hit the YouTube pipe and find the track:

“Their debut EP set pants on fire with brass-balls-to-brick-walls rock ‘n’ roll. But Juliette and the Licks’ full-length paled in comparison. So to hear “Hot Kiss” tumble out of the speakers with a rhythm as ferocious and playful as a barbed-wire hula hoop is promising. It’s a sign the band finally recognized that their singer is Juliette Lewis and started playing to her many strengths, one of which being her disturbingly realistic portrayal of loonies. The chick is bonkers—go with it! The jangle-y opening riffs here pave a perfect catwalk for Lewis to barrel down as she sketches out a nympho-type named Talulah who has a frenzied, blinding hard-on for her loverboy. In a kind of “Papa Don’t Preach” moment, the protagonist recounts her clueless father’s reaction to her unsettling behavior: “‘Oh Talulah,’ he said, ‘you’re so dramatic. What’s all that shakin’ goin’ on in your attic?'” We’re not sure it’s been properly diagnosed yet.”

Coincidentally, Juliette and the Licks are opening for Chris Cornell at the Beacon Theater in New York later this summer. The Beacon isn’t really a SOTC hangout, but perhaps you like?

Juliette and the Licks’ New York dates
Tuesday, Jul 31, 2007
Wednesday, Aug 1, 2007
Tickets available here.

Then again, watch the above video and you’ll notice that Juliette’s not just a total loon, but she’s also starting to look a little busted. Time for the next cult-film-starlet-turned-rocker? Jena Malone, where’re you at?

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