Live, Sorta: Foreign Islands at the Luna Lounge, 06.14.07


You probably would like me if I actually played my instrument.

Foreign Islands
June 14, 2007
Luna Lounge

Rating: -$8

Hey, Foreign Islands. I want my eight bucks back. And the cost of two PBRs. And that hour I had to spend waiting for your asses to show up onstage last night at the Luna Lounge before you decided to just walk off after less than fifteen minutes because your stupid iBook wasn’t working, yet all four of you had instruments. Talk about giving people blue balls—and I don’t even have the equipment.

Yeah, I’d like to tell you something insightful about Brooklyn’s Foreign Islands. Buy local, right? But all I got last night from their three-ish songs was that they sounded like a post-punked Mike D fronting Thunderbirds Are Now!—and before the thought could be developed, they bailed. Something about their iBook. It was all mumbles to us; they didn’t explain. Call me a neo-Luddite, but when you’ve actually got other non-computerized instruments, fucking play them or explain why you can’t. Fake it if you have to; otherwise I want my money back.

That said, Flavorpill likes them enough to have them playing tonight at their new One Step Beyond monthly series at the American Museum of Natural History. Could be fun. At least, Spank Rock’s Devlin and Darko are on the bill if these guys pull a techy fit. Try your luck?

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