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Our Summer Fling with Japanese Turnips


Turnips are not just for roasting and braising and general meat-accompanying. EfV has to admit that we only recently realized the delight that is a Japanese turnip, or hakurei turnip. The discovery was made at Added Value’s Red Hook Farm, where we attended a dinner to celebrate the end of the term for the farm’s high school interns. The turnips, of course, were fresh out of the ground and simply cut into wedges and tossed with some fresh romaine and radishes. We had to restrain ourselves against the urge to dig them all out of the salad and chomp through a giant turnip pile all night. The hakurei were as crunchy as the best granny smith, and very sweet.

Look for Japanese turnips at Added Value’s farmers markets, or at the Migliorelli stand at Union Square Greenmarket.

Red Hook Farmer’s Market

6 Wolcott (Intersection of Wolcott and Dwight)
10am – 2pm, Wednesdays

The Red Hook Farm
Columbia and Beard Street
9am – 3pm, Saturdays

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