New York

Berry Sale, Summer Squash, and a Garlic Guide


Summer is progressing at the Farmer’s Market. Today, there’s a deal from Philip’s Farm, and you better get it while those strawberries are still plentiful. With the blueberries, we suggest making a batch of cornmeal-blueberry pancakes:


Along with blueberries and raspberries, summer squash has hit the market. We like these guys roasted quickly, or sliced up raw in a salad.


And now, let’s talk garlic and onions. These beauties are garlic scapes. There is a little covered flower, but don’t think you’re just looking to extract the “pearls” from inside, as we once thought ourselves. Chop up the whole firm green part and sauté them as you would garlic. The taste is delicate but with a little kick, especially when raw.


This here’s your spring garlic. It’s the garlic you’re used to, but in its younger state. Each clove is surrounded by softer layers of protection, not the dried skins they develop later. The taste is very sweet.


And don’t miss the spring onions. Again, these are the onions you know and love, but freshly harvested and there fore sweeter, milder, and without that punch they develop later.


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