Can Little Kids Be Gay?


In this week’s Queer Issue, writer Julia Reischel takes on the question of really, really young gay kids. Anymore, Reischel reports, plenty of parents are ready to say their children or transgender or gender-variant. Far fewer are ready to consider whether those kids might, at some point, turn out to be plain gay:

When Dr. John Money and other scientists began studying gender-variant children, says Gregory Lehne, an assistant professor of medical psychology at Johns Hopkins University, they found that instead of becoming transgender adults, many of the kids were growing up to be gay males and straight or gay females. They also found that most transgender adults didn’t report having gender-variant childhoods. That’s why, today, Lenhe is bemused by the sudden emergence of transgender and gender-variant children.

“Almost all of these gender-variant children are gay children,” he says. “What we’re seeing before our eyes is evidence that the origins of sexual orientation are very real in life. These are gay kids.”

So how about it, everyone? Known—or raised—kids you thought might be gay or trans? If you’re gay or trans, when did you start realizing it?