Tonight: Cheeseburger, Oxford Collapse, Best Fwends


Cheeseburger at SXSW. More photos here. Photo by Cami D.

A dude who once founded Citizens Against Car Alarms (an offshoot of Mothers Against Noise?) doesn’t sound like the sort of fella who’d be responsible for tonight’s best free show. But sometimes the study-hall monitor morphs into the local rock star — or at least the local rock star’s roadie — and a jazz saxophonist composer who feels the need to organize against car alarms inadvertently hooks up the noise. Tonight’s noise (figuratively speaking) is a Bedford Avenue takeover that includes spazz-rockers Oxford Collapse, drunk-stooges Cheeseburger, and iPod-pawty-yellers Best Fwends.

It’s all part of Make Music New York, 560 free performances happening simultaneously today. Organized by a guy named Aaron Friedman, Make Music takes place in all five boroughs, an event that city officials say is “one of the largest musical events in the city’s history.” Awesome idea, but the other 557 or so performers all are — how do you say this politely — interesting. For example: “If you like grindcore and/or Disney movies, you will like Caroline Beck after you’ve had a few beers.” Huh? Just listen to this.

Perhaps you can find something worthwhile?

Best Fwends. Photo by Rebecca Smeyne

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