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Someone To Splash Over Me? New Shepard Fairey Flicks


Another dead wrestler, less than a week old.

So much going on in the street game that we couldn’t stay on the bench anymore; had to come out of retirement like these other attention-mongering media manipulators. Got a lot to say about this whole thing, but let’s start with the good. Shepard Fairey’s been back in town for two mega-publicized shows, so he’s been running around and pasting up on New York’s outdoor walls. We all knew this was going to happen, especially when Fairey showed off a little fighting spirit when he was quoted in the big ol’ NYMag Splasher piece (thanks for the unidentified quote!) about coming back to town and getting up:

Fairey said he’d be putting up more work in New York this summer. “This person’s not stopping me,” he said. “It took him over two months to get all the stuff that I basically did over the course of three nights back in December. I’m just gonna go higher. Even if I did stuff at street level and it took him two months to get all of it again, I get two months of exposure in New York City. That’s massive.”

Haven’t seen anything he’s done really high; no matter we’re still thrilled to find new Shepard shit out there, especially when it’s stuff that hasn’t yet been on the ever-grinding Streetsy. Like this piece that went up last week, either Tuesday or Wednesday night:

And this piece that just went up Sunday a.m.:

By the way, if this gets splashed? Don’t blame the postman, blame the guy who packed the mail bomb.

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